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شعار موقع نجيل للمحتوى الزراعي و الغذائي

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Welcome, dear visitors to Najeel for agricultural and food content, whether you are from _

Engineers, hobbyists or housewives. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our site opens   You have the opportunity to post your articles or submit to writing content for Najeel

The articles that are published on our website are centered on the simplified way _

  In the presentation of the article and the accuracy and correctness of the information

Publication Terms: -

1- We only accept articles written with personal effort or articles that come from books with the source written

2- Attaching an illustrative picture in the article, in case there is no picture, the site will attach the photo

3- The essay should not be less than (600-1000 words)

4- The article contains an introduction (3-4 lines)

5- Writing in the Arabic language

Transmission method: -

Send us the articles by e-mail in the form of a "word" or "written text" file.

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